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The Blue Sage Group has solutions that solve your management bandwidth problems while identifying opportunities to increase your overall business performance.

We have designed our services to address the needs of your company.  Think of us as an additional - but temporary - CFO who will provide the leadership, guidance, management, and resources needed to complete a successful Sarbanes-Oxley compliance program.  We tailor our compliance program to fit your requirements, taking into account factors such as company size, complexity of the business, and internal resources.  In addition, we use price/value ratios to determine the actual scope of the project.

Our program will help you to answer frequently asked questions regarding compliance, including:

  • How do you define financial controls?

  • Do you need to include controls for every process and system that feed the financials, such as your ERP, supply chain, and human resource systems?

  • How do you define disclosure controls?  Are they limited to your financial disclosure procedures and controls or do they cover all internal controls related to management of the business, such as sales, product management, and engineering?

  • What constitutes a material event that needs to be communicated in real time via 8k?

We are the people and process element of compliance and provide CEOs, CFOs, and/or General Counsel the additional executive bandwidth needed to scope, design and manage the process.

It is not just a matter of complying -- but also understanding how much is enough for your company.  We can help you link compliance to improved operational efficiency, higher revenues, and increased shareholder value.

See our full Product Description to learn more about how we can help.

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