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Sarbanes-Oxley Tools

Torch Control™ from The Blue Sage Group is a ready to use Sarbanes-Oxley 404/302 software tool that combines content with powerful document, process, audit and reporting tools to enable companies to reduce the cost of compliance. The software is simple to install, runs on Microsoft operating systems and requires no additional hardware purchase.

Torch Control™ provides a sustainable, cost effective Sarbanes-Oxley 302/404 compliance solution.  The flexible framework can be quickly tailored to fit your companies OX program requirements. The easy to use toolset enables quick access to all SOX stake holders. In addition, Torch Control™ has a “rapid stream” feature to import pre-existing documentation into the software and allows reporting in Microsoft Excel.

Our tool features include “how to guides,” links to resources, training manuals and examples based on proven best practices, along with pre-loaded software tailored for your company and audit firm.  All software features are designed to provide you with the ability to enter monitor and audit your compliance program and associated documentation. 

Torch Control™ was designed by seasoned SOX auditors and incorporates the COSO control framework.   Corporations use business processes to define organizations and Torch Control™ uses Cycles/Processes to organize documentation and information.

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The Torch Control software uses multiple accounts to store and organize data that is used to perform the activity required to sustain a compliance program.  Torch Control™ has been designed to facilitate these compliance activities. 

  Top SOX Compliance Goals Torch ControlTM

Reduction of labor and organization of compliance documentation

Tool features “rapid stream” that can quickly load your existing documentation into the tool.  This will allow you to replace multiple excel spreadsheets and organize your existing documentation in a single source tool that will facilitate updating and analysis of SOX documentation such as control risk matrixes, project tracking, tests and test plans.  controls, reporting on SOX elements such as controls facilitate the reduction of testing duplicate controls


Reduction of cost

Tool provides features built in accounts and field information that have been designed using the COSO Framework.  This preloaded information will reduce the time and cost of SOX implementation.


Document Management with continuous updating of materials requires access and version controls

Tool provides built in version control and audit trail to allow you to track all documents stored in the tool.  In addition the tool allows you to link to documents and creates an audit trail of each time the link is updated.


Management Reporting tailored to the various corporate stakeholders such as management, audit committee, process owners, auditors

Tool publishes range of reports tailored to meet your company’s different audiences.  The setup can and development can be completed in days vs. weeks.


Ability to quickly react to changes within the company such as process changes and/or organization changes

Tool features provide the ability to make changes in real-time that impact the documentation as of the date of the change without impacting history.  Tool features allow user to view change over time to track changes and provide meaningful updates to management, auditors and other stakeholders.


Ability to quickly react to changes to regulations and rules

Tool contains built in links to regulatory sites and any other sources of critical information.  In addition the tool contains training materials to guide the users though documentation changes.


SOX Documentation Controls like monitoring, data integrity and authorization

Tool contains audit trails to systematically document and report SOX documentation changes, preset drop down menus and field requirements with validation systematically control data errors and key documentation contain authorization fields that have built in audit trails to track time and person that made authorization.

Don’t know where to start?  Don't worry Torch Control will guide you through the process.

Product Features

Torch Control™
clearly facilitates understanding of a company's business operations and activities in preparation for auditing.  The tools were designed as “ready to use” and come pre-loaded with company information.  The tools interface with Microsoft Office Products and do not require the purchase of additional hardware.

Tool features are tailored to you’re your business and include customized content and flexible architecture that allow you to choose a solution that meets your budget requirements.

Torch Control™ provides an organized structured end to end compliance solution that allows real time updates.

  • Preloaded tailored content and resources
  • Powerful and Flexible Reporting in Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple views of workflow status
  • COSO and COBIT requirements designed into templates
  • Document Management including:


    • Versioning
    • Rollback
    • Workflow
    • Security

Reports are also protected with the document manager to be referenced.  All document changes are also tracked via the journal and ledger function.

Other Product Information

All content is securely stored in the Torch Control™ toolbox.

 System Requirements

Microsoft .net and Microsoft Office versions 2000 or later

All of the Torch Solutions offered by The Blue Sage Group can be tailored for the size, complexity and budget of your company.  Contact us for more information about how these tools can help you ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance program and improve the performance and operations of your business.

Are you in compliance with the new Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002?  Click here find out.

Ready to get started or want more information about Torch Control?  Click here.


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