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Corporate Governance Services

We are a firm whose consultants have developed a proven methodology and toolkit designed to deliver governance improvement and/or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance programs.  Our team provides a comprehensive service that includes assessment, program design, implementation, documentation, measurement and training for all components of our compliance programs.  We work with “C” level executives and their attorneys to determine their legal and strategic requirements.  We then partner with the executive team and/or governance steering committee leader to design and execute an appropriate improvement plan.  This plan will not only bring the company into compliance, but will identify ways to increase financial performance through better governance.  Our methodology allows us to quickly complete the internal procedure and control assessment, review, testing, and documentation in a manner that meets both Sections 302 and 404 requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

The Blue Sage Group’s corporate governance offering provides an end-to-end assessment of your current governing structure, policies, procedures and internal controls.  This assessment will be used to design a comprehensive governance improvement package that builds on the current structure to create a more effective and efficient organization.  The implementation also meets the new financial reporting, process, procedures and controls regulations of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. This offering consists of:

  • Assessment and rating of the company's governance structure, policies, procedures and controls

  • Planning and process development of a comprehensive compliance package which includes but is not limited to:

  • Documentation and reviews of all internal processes, controls and procedures by functional area

  • Creation and implementation of the required mid-quarter due diligence process

  • Creation of backup certification process and certificates

  • Creation of Corporate Disclosure Policy and procedures

  • Facilitation of initial procedure and control review

  • Assistance with creation of Disclosure Committee and its charter

  • Implementation and training of financial and operational staff

  • Measurement of process and methodology

  • Annual follow-up

The service is focused on compliance but has the added benefit of providing CFOs and CEOs a complete overview of both current corporate management practices and executive alignment. In addition, the service links day-to-day operational events to the financials by identifying how those events impact current and future financials.

The Blue Sage Group provides an independent assessment that focuses on the operational aspects of your business while utilizing our financial expertise to identify risks and opportunities in your current structure, procedures, and controls. We also work with counsel to address the tax and executive compensation issues that are prevalent in today's business environment.

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